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How to Increase Blog Traffic 2014

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When a person creates a new Blog, the first thing comes his mind that How to increase Blog Traffic. For a Beginner Blogging it is very hard to find out how to boost Blog traffic. Increasing Blog traffic is not too hard as it is seemed. There are different ways to increase Blog Traffic. You just need to make Quality SEO and best SEO techniques for your Blog. Today we are going to talk about the methods how to drive more traffic to your Blog.
how to grow your blog traffic

High Quality Content:Now what does content mean? Content is the material in your Blog that you typed in. Users come to your Blog on the basis of good content. When you are writing a post, try to use the keyword, which has high searches and low competition, Click Here for How to Search keyword. Try to post regularly, it is good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), See if you don't update blog then what will happen.

Guest Posting:

Write some guest posts for the Blogs which have high traffic. If they accept your post they will publish it on their site, and as you know thousands of people go to their site. In result your site will be viewed multiple times and you will get a Backlink of your site and high traffic as well. This is an efficient way how to grow your Blog traffic.

Submit Blog to Search Engines:

This is the most important method in SEO. Submit your Blog to top Search Engines just like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Msn and others. It helps you to get more traffic to your Blog. Google is most important in all of them because is the biggest Search Engine in the world and will help you how to drive traffic to blog.

Social Media Tips for Promoting a Blog:

Social websites just like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others will help you how to get Traffic on Blog. Social media sites are used by the majority of us that is why is a nice way to increasing the Traffic of Blog.

Attractive Blog:

If you want that people don’t run away from your Blog then focus on your Blog Designs. Users like the simple and beautiful structure of a site, there should not be used more colors in it. It should be easy to navigate. Header of site plays a vital role in designing a site; try to have a beautiful and unique header that every one can like.

Submit Your Blog to Social Bookmarking Sites:

It is another way how to get more hits to your sites. Submit your blog post on Social Bookmarking sites just like Reddit, Digg, stumbleupon and others. It will help you to generate traffic to your Blog.


Images play the major role to increase the traffic of your Blog, It makes your site pretty and is helpful in Search Engine Optimization. Try to have the images related to your Content and have the name of the Image full of Keywords so that the Search Engine can easily find it.

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